Twitter now lets everyone on iOS pin lists to their Home timeline


In July, Twitter began testing people’s ability to pin their favorite lists in their iOS application. It was a way to allow users to easily change their timeline to see the tweets of the accounts they added to a list, similar to what you can do in other Twitter applications like TweetDeck. At that time, that function was limited to a select group of people, but now Twitter is implementing it for everyone with an iOS device. This will allow you to anchor (and unpin) up to five lists to which you follow or subscribe, whose tweets you can follow directly from your main timeline. That will be useful in case, you know, you want a more curated experience than the best tweets or chronological chronologies can offer.


As shown above, Twitter has also added a new homepage for its lists, which shows a header image and more context about its customizable timelines, including the number of members and subscribers. If you are using the iOS application, you can modify your lists simply by touching your profile picture and then, in the Start menu, by selecting the lists tab; Below you will find a GIF for you. Oh, and because I know that some of you are wondering when you can have this on Android, Twitter told Engadget that the feature will expand outside of iOS in the near future, although it still doesn’t have an exact date.

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