The most hotly anticipated Android phone this fall won’t launch in the US or Europe


The iPhone 11 series could be the most popular new phone line right now, but all the other companies in the business are trying to change the conversation to their own Android flagships. Several of the leading smartphone manufacturers have already introduced new high-end devices (Galaxy Note 10, Vivo Nex 3) or are about to launch new phones in the coming days and weeks (Huawei Mate 30 series, OnePlus 7T series, Pixel 4, Oppo Reno 2). Of all of them, the Mate 30 Pro is easily the most anticipated Android of autumn, and is likely to be one of the best iPhone 11 alternatives of the year. This is because we are seeing the successor of a smartphone that was a few steps ahead of its Android competitors last year. Unfortunately for Huawei, the Mate 30 Pro will not be a similar success, and it is all due to the ban against the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Now, a new report seems to confirm the worst rumor about the Mate 30 Pro, stating that the entire Mate 30 series will not be available in the United States, which was obvious, but apparently it won’t be released in Europe either.

Huawei phones have been denied entry to the U.S. UU. For a while now, and operators have avoided the Chinese company due to pressure from the Trump administration. However, you can still buy the latest Huawei phones from some retailers that store the phones, and you can find them on eBay if you wish.

As for the Mate 30 series, which will be presented in Germany on Thursday, US buyers may have no luck if they plan to buy a Mate 30 Pro. And the same goes for European buyers, as a new report indicates that Huawei does not have intention to launch the phone in any of the markets.


A Huawei source informed LetsGoDigital that the Mate 30 series will not be launched in Central Europe, although an announcement event will be held in the region. A second source allegedly confirmed to the Dutch blog that the phone will not be available anywhere in Europe.

The reason for this is quite simple: Mate 30 phones will not come with preloaded Google applications, as a result of the US ban. UU. And this report further reinforces these fears. That means you don’t get the Google Play store, Google Search, Google Maps and all the usual Google applications found on the home screen of every new Android device that launches in Western markets.

Google cannot work with Huawei because of the ban, which means that Google’s software, with the exception of open source Android, is banned from the Chinese provider. That would not be a problem for Huawei’s internal market, where Google does not have such a massive presence. But Android without Google is not something that US customers. UU. Or Europe find attractive.

The Huawei Harmony operating system has no chance of fighting Android in Western countries at the moment, for the same reason. There is no way to replicate the Android experience for Huawei. No matter how surprising the new design of the Mate 30 Pro is and how exciting the new four-lens rear camera will be, Europeans will not receive the phone while the ban is in effect.

It is not known what would happen if the United States reversed its decision towards Huawei. Whatever the case, Huawei should reveal the exact details of the Mate 30 series launch on Thursday.

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