Some Pixel 3a phones are randomly shutting down


Not even two full weeks have passed since the 3rd and 3rd Google XLs were released to the public and some users are already reporting bugs that break the phone. According to users in a series of forums such as Reddit and the Google support pages, the new phones are affected by a problem that causes random stops throughout the day. Users must perform a hard reset to get their phones working again, but in some cases, the problem persists. Engadget has approached Google to get more information and will update this story if we find out.


It is not clear what exactly is causing the problems that users are experiencing. According to reports, it is affecting both Pixel 3a and 3a XL, but there is no indication of what triggers the problem. It does not seem to be limited to a single carrier. A user tried to restart their phone in safe mode to make sure that no third-party application was at fault and still experienced the shutdown, suggesting that it may be a software problem related to Google.

This is far from the first time that Google’s pixel alignment has suffered a major problem. The company’s original Pixel phones were plagued with problems with the microphone that eventually led to a demand from device owners. Last year, shortly after the launch of Pixel 3, users reported that the phone was not saving their photos. But at least in those cases, the phones did not go out without warning.

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