Jonah Hill tackles bullying in new Instagram TV series


IGTV may not be capturing hearts and minds, but at least Instagram is taking advantage of the platform to talk about important issues. As of today, Instagram users can watch a new four-part series of the company owned by Facebook and 22 Jump Street actor Jonah Hill reports Variety. The series, titled No Filter, introduces Hill interviewing people ages 13 to 25 about their experiences with bullying. In some cases, Hill also interviews people who were bullies. The series also touches cyber bullying and offline.

“I tried to create an environment for young people to be heard and heard,” said the actor. “I wish there was a platform to listen to the struggles and experiences of others when I was growing up. I hope this is inspiring for young people to share their stories and feelings and not feel so alone.”


Unfiltered is part of the broader initiatives against harassment and intimidation of Instagram. In July, the company introduced two new tools to combat bullying. One of them uses artificial intelligence to warn people when they are about to post a potentially offensive comment. The other allows Instagram users to restrict comments from abusive followers. While feature additions and policy changes are the most effective tools Instagram can use to stop bullying, Hill’s fame helps give a public face to the company’s efforts.

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