Google is testing Incognito Mode for Maps


Google has implemented incognito mode in the Maps preview group to perform tests, so you may not have to wait so long to use it. The feature was one of the privacy-focused tools that Google promised in I / O earlier this year along with the incognito mode for the search. Like the version of the feature in Chrome, you can make sure that any location or address you are looking for is not associated with your Google account.


According to DroidLife, the evaluators received an email about the launch that says: “Use incognito mode when you don’t want your activity, such as the places you are looking for or browsing, to be stored in your Google account.” The tech giant has been working to bring the function to its other products for a while, launching it for YouTube last year.

In Maps, you can activate it by touching your profile photo in the right corner of the search bar and selecting “Activate incognito mode” from the options that appear. Then, the application will confirm its status with a black bar at the top of the screen that says “Incognito mode is enabled.”

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