A foldable 4G phone with Google Assistant will arrive in the US. UU.


Silly phones are getting smarter. Last year, Nokia showed us what was possible on a phone with function with its 8110 4G, now Alcatel is taking advantage of the same operating system, Kai, to launch a 4G foldable phone with Google Assistant integration, as well as applications such as WhatsApp and Youtube.

The Go Flip 3 (in T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile) and the SmartFlip (in AT&T and Cricket Wireless) come with all the reliable features you would expect in a standard phone, which includes up to 17.8 days’ standby time, a 2MP rear camera acceptable, a 2.8 “screen and the usual preloads, such as a calendar, clock, email, messages, FM radio, notes, etc.


But what sets it apart from previous iterations of dumb phones is a quad-core processor and 4G LTE speeds that Google Assistant supports, which means it can dictate messages, make calls and navigate applications from KaiStore, all with its voice. Then, for the first time, you get hands-free accessibility with the satisfying instant sound of an old-school folding phone, a feature we could only have dreamed of in the 2000s.

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